Hotel Vila Kostanjica

Hotel ‘Vila Kostanjica’ is situated on a most beautiful part of Boka bay ,which has been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site List since 1979, in between the sea and forests of chestnuts in a small village of Kostanjica giving its visitors complete quietness and privacy.
The hotel has such historical value, it is a stone house completely renovated in 2003.
All windows have got a sea view.
The hotel also has got a beautiful terrace placed just 10 meters from the sea with the view of Risan town that is very close by.
Hotel Vila Kostanjica is close by the cave with ancient drawings as well as natural reservoir of oleander and laurel.
The sea is very clean in Kostanjica, mostly because of underwater resources of natural water that change the percent of salt in the sea every day.
That is one of reasons why Kostanjica is so special.
The hotel’s capacity is 7 apartments, all of them having 2 rooms, bathroom and a corridor.
There are 2 beds in the bed room, while the other room has been arranged as a dining room having all facilities.
All dining rooms have got comfortable sofa that can accommodate another 2 people.
All apartments have also a full fitted kitchen.
Other facilities such as TV, internet, and air conditioner are also provided.
The restaurant is very cozy and has collection of all Montenegrin vines, from the small to the most famous brands.
The restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine, but can provide all other types of food.
The beach is in front of the hotel.
Deckchairs and beach umbrellas are free for our guests as well as parking situated in front of the hotel.
Hotel Vila Kostanjica is very close to 2 airports: Tivat and Dubrovnik.
We would be happy to arrange transport for our visitors on very affordable prices.
Manji apartmani Srednji apartmani Veliki apartmani 50€ 60€ 70€ ISHRANA PO OSOBI DORUČAK + RUČAK+ VEČERA 15€ DORUČAK + RUČAK ili VEČERA 10€

Kontakt telefon:+38232373232

Stari ID oglašivača: #2064336448#


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